Geechugalu x #BengaluruMoving for Malleshwaram Hogona

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Street Art across the world has shown us that it can make a place appear more friendly, invite more pedestrians and even increase the sense of ownership of locals in the area.

Can we use Art to decongest our city and finally get #BengaluruMoving?

“Malleshwaram Hogona, which means “Let’s go to Malleshwaram!” is a street art project in collaboration with Geechu Galu and a community of local artists to support the Bengaluru Moving Campaign.

13 artists use graphic art as a medium to make our streets more pedestrian friendly. 

A Graphical mural art trail attempting to cover the sensorial experience of walking through secret lanes of Malgudi or Malleshwaram. Immerse in the Walk by experiencing what makes the locality special with touch, fragrances, tastes, sounds, sights and soak in the culture of the area frozen in time.

Working in tandem with strategic place-making projects , communities and local residents of Malleshwaram, this stitching of experiences into a graphic art trail will hopefully make you want to immerse further into this living museum. 

Community Partners : Sensing Local, DULT, Malleshwaram Social, BBMP, Seva Sadan

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Watch the Virtual Tour of the project hosted with GullyTours

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