Halting BBMP’s processes..

The aforementioned guidelines to paint the entire city in bands of blue and white, throughout the city, were now a given.

To protect the walls from defacing, BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) came up with the idea of painting blue and white bands throughout the city, including selected walls along some most-frequented roads with pictures of tourist spots, Kannada icons, animals and a host of other images including Dhanwantri Road.

The scheme which earlier provided employment for local artists – with more than 100 painters from Bangalore being involved, was now at a loss in its effectiveness since little consideration was given to whitewashing walls entirely, which earlier received a facelift with the colourful and exotic murals.

Which meant all of these murals of picturesque scenes were about to be brutally whitewashed and painted in monotone stripings of blue and white-
Dhanwantri Road Murals

blue and white

Published by geechugalus

Collective of artists currently making murals at Dhanwantri road, Bengaluru.

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