Reconciliation of sorts- archive of our own

Bringing in varied artistic input opened doors for creative implementation and compatibility over artistic outlooks.
Anand Shenoy‘s intervention on top of Vittala Temple, coherently surmounts the extravagant architectural showpiece of Hampi.IMG_20170115_170559776IMG-20170221-WA0022

Keerthana Chandragiri‘s interposing hands betwixt all that art dialogue, leave a sublime impression.IMG_20170114_174828901

Diya Pinto with her piece on top of the older mural of the Elephant stable from Hampi, with her Zentangle techniques, gave it her own artistic rendering by creating beautiful images from structured patterns, while the various hand-gestures and protruding legs could indicate new ties being made or risks being entailed into the city’s infrastructure.IMG_20170111_164740556IMG_20170118_154251124

Paramesh S. set a great example for others to follow with his minimal yet fervent display of boulders being moved- an apt way to tackle the old vis-à-vis the new.IMG_20170131_162112025


Left: Anusha Vikram’s partcipatory mural 
Top right: Griffith Allan’s mural 
Bottom right: Niketh, artist hailing from Karwar, in action, intervening on the house boat mural.

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Collective of artists currently making murals at Dhanwantri road, Bengaluru.

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