Mask-taping mask off

Abhijeet Rao mask taping alongside his composition on the Damayanti mural- a character in a love story found in the Vana Parva book of the Mahabharata, and other Hindu texts by many authors in numerous Indian languages. She was the princess of Vidarbha Kingdom, who married king Nala of Nishadha Kingdom.

Mask-taping as an exercise was performed to preserve previous layers and Primer smeared on top, succeeded by strenuous metal brush scrubbing to achieve a lasting finish for future times.

From top to bottom: Osheen Gupta rep the set with her slender loris mural, Diya Pinto with her stone face intervention, Whitewashed layers courtesy Primer, Yash Bhandari with his perky theme in the collated set.

Published by geechugalus

Collective of artists currently making murals at Dhanwantri road, Bengaluru.

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