Another flick on the wall

A remarkably swift transition on the wall was assured with the merging in of artists and friends with unparalleled dedication as collaborators. As with the promptness undertaken with the transient occupancy by the lot, the jobs were performed with as much conscientiousness.IMG_20170227_174543051Stationed above on the ladder in the picture: Noora Sabu IMG_20170227_195530885Noora Sabu and Ayush C Joy stenciling circles onto the connect-four piece. 

IMG_20170227_174602724Alaka Rau’s intervention with ‘roots’, right under where real trees stood above the ‘underpass’, on the theme.IMG_20170304_182844697Yash Bhandari’s imagery around frondescence, as the green tint from the previous paint befits his concept.

IMG_20170227_174640012_BURST000_COVER_TOPUllas Hydoor working on his piece as he puts his whimsical finesse into the transformation of an old mural from Conan the Barbarian, into a more relatable, delectable witticism.
Conan, who was sold into slavery when he was a kid, sets off to find the sorcerer responsible for the genocide of his family and people.

Ullas, with his cutting-tea Chaiwalla intervention, abridges the whole jargon of American pulp fiction in the form of street-art and its relevance in the local imagery.


IMG_20170228_105932706Paramesh Jolad through his piece with the girl on the swing, beautifully captures the surrealism as it emerges from a tree; right through the speckle of the tree branch in the mural as the wall acts as the hotbed for the shoot to germinate.  IMG_20170311_114725466_BURST000_COVERAbove: Paramesh’s prompt intervention on the ‘surreal tree’ mural as the iconic scissors unravel the uncut irony of disruption in flora and fauna.

IMG_20170306_141115753Here, the public becomes a part of the narrative, as selfies and pictures were taken with the popular; selfie taking Darpana Sundari.IMG_20170305_154843382
Ampparitos was down in the city, for travelling and writing purposes, ofcourse he made a mural of his own elsewhere but still found enough time to lend us a hand!!

Public participation, hence, ranged as far beyond as people from distant horizons offering to volunteer. The flies on the wall, were subsumed into the process as onlookers and observers candidly became a part of the narrative, in an overt setting.

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Collective of artists currently making murals at Dhanwantri road, Bengaluru.

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