In times of polarization

Venkatappa Puttappa or in otherwise known by his pen name Kuvempu, was an Indian novelist, poet, playwright, critic and thinker. He is widely regarded as the greatest Kannada poet of the 20th century.

He is the first among Kannada writers to be decorated with the prestigious Jnanpith Award.

For his contributions to Kannada Literature, the Government of Karnataka decorated him with the honorific Rashtrakavi (“National Poet”) in 1958 and Karnataka Ratna (“The Gem of Karnataka”) in 1992 Philosophy Kuvempu was more than a writer for his life in itself was a ‘great message’.

In his time he stood firm against casteism, meaningless religious ritual and strived to drive for equal rights for all genders. The reason Vyas chose to paint Kuvempu was to bring out his ideology, poetic presence in times of extreme polarization.

Sarvarige samapaalu, sarvarige samabaalu

(“Equal share for all, Equal life for all”)

This can be extended to the pourakarmikas( the place belongs to them too), who sweep the road daily on Dhanavantri road, it can be extended to the community who live at Dhanavantri, it can also be extended to language discrimination to class to race to gender.

This quote sitting in a site which sees an innumberable audience in buses to cars to walkers, best translates into equality and equal rights for all individuals.

About the Mural

Kuvempu was also called as” Nature’s Poet”. The Illustration is inspired from Kuvempu’s birthplace Kuppali, which is part of malnad region, which is covered by forests,mountains, Tungabadra River, rain clouds. It also features the Drongo birds from his novels which is also a resident of Malnad forest.

The illustration designed by Vyas is also inspired from his first poem “Poovu”(Flower).

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Collective of artists currently making murals at Dhanwantri road, Bengaluru.

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