“Gejjeya Nada”

Concept Note: With the motifs and colour palettes inspired by the costumes of classical dancers wearing Mysore silk sarees, Shreevyas blends the traditional with the modern.

Elements taken from Indian Classical Music and Dance, that Malleshwaram is deeply associated with are used at Seva Sadan as a homage to the “Sangeet Kacheri Halls”.

Geechugalu: You have been one of the early upholders as well as an artist in the collective, how has your journey been so far in the public art domain? 

Vyas: Privileged to work on the opportunities provided to me until now, I have enjoyed the different challenges which each site has thrown at me. 

Geechugalu: Being an artist in the street art movement, are there any precursors to mural making that you would like to share with an aspiring artist community?

Vyas: From my little experience, I would always strive to make the artwork site specific and also take the sensitivities of a place into consideration.

Geechugalu: What had been some of the challenges that came up in executing a mural piece in a public space in a state of pandemic?

Vyas: There was certainly a little bit of fear working in a busy space like Malleshwaram and it’s market during the state of a pandemic, we had to keep our interactions minimal with the public. Turning away from the enthusiastic people around and keeping our interactions minimal with them was a hard thing to do.

Geechugalu: Are there any changes you have witnessed personally in the locale, and if any, what are the changes you would wish to see through your art intervention in the space? 

Vyas: The little interactions that we had with the residents while working, made them step out and involve themselves with the agenda of the project, i.e. making the roads more cycling and pedestrian friendly. The goal will be achieved only when we make people step out, express themselves and take ownership of the place.

With growing urbanization and migration, we tend to forget to embrace the history of a place. Through my intervention, I would like people to embrace and recognise the history and culture of the place.

Geechugalu: Describe a significant event that occurred as part of your public art experience. Why was this significant to you?  

Vyas: Can’t think of an answer for it for now..

Geechugalu: Do you carry any personal connections with the space? In what ways do you incorporate it?

Vyas: I think for an artwork to make an impact, we need to make an interpersonal connection and we need to understand the space from the point of view of the local residents. 

Geechugalu: Was there a moment when you felt vulnerable or found difficulties during this project? Are there any other places where you’ve painted and felt similarly? 

Vyas: The difficult point was to overcome the fear of the pandemic as the threat of getting infected was still looming large, this was something new for everyone to overcome. 

Geechugalu: How was your experience with Bengaluru Moving x Geechugalu at Malleshwaram? 

Vyas: Being born and brought up in the same place, it is a special feeling to paint in the same neighborhood. Having been familiar with the areas and their concerning history and culture, there was no shortage of inspiration.

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