Amitabh Kumar

With each passing week, across a four week process, the artist will respond to Malleshwaram, it’s presence, stories and sense of life with a palimpsest of images woven across the walls, in a nook that is a time warp within the time warp that is Malleshwaram. The images won’t be of a representational register and will be evolving across the shifting mood, contested histories and public participation with both the artwork and the artist in Malleswaram.

Anpu Varkey

Within her stride Anpu’s work picturing feet of a walking woman showcases the locals wandering around Malleshwaram as a part of their daily routine. This piece powerfully portrays what women do every day to reclaim spaces – walk. Geechugalu: Anpu, your interventions as a muralist in the street art world have been widely acclaimed, alongsideContinue reading “Anpu Varkey”

Saksham Verma

Malleshwaram is one of the oldest parts of Bengaluru representing itself as the most iconic place offering authentic South Indian culture, food and architecture. Greetings from Malleshwaram is a mural painted at the BMTC bus stop to celebrate and elevate its vernacular presence.

Enoch Dheeraj Ebenezer

Malleshwaram’s favorite pastime is coffee. There is always a certain pride in the roasting and making of coffee from the smallest joints to the larger restaurants. This one beverage connects people through conversation and contextualization through all ages. This mural of an ajji pouring coffee encapsulates this love for filter coffee.


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