A resurgence for Geechugalu with Bengaluru Moving in ‘Malleshwaram Hogona’

With Street Art around the world conveying that it can foster friendly atmospheres in places, invite more pedestrians and even increase the sense of ownership of locals in areas; Bengaluru Moving, which actively advocates for better walking, cycling infrastructure and promotes non-motorized transport, as citizens move ahead to a ‘new normal’ with conversations on mobility; Bengaluru Moving in its Phase 2 campaign, arrived in a collaboration with Geechugalu, a collective of Artists, leading to a curated street art project called Malleshwaram Hogona.

The Collective’s very first endeavour in 2016, which involved revamping of a stretch in Bengaluru in a reconstruction of a part of the city through murals, remains an intervention at the Dhanvantri stretch, a major road for buses connecting to KempeGowda Bus depot; as an attempt in refurbishing old walls with old murals which were painted by BBMP’s congregation of painters. New ideas were manifested around existing murals and whitewashed walls.

The collective’s participation in April 2021, with its yearning to reunite after a year of a pandemic, took form with ‘Malleshwaram Hogona!’, rekindling the nostalgic mysteries of Malgudi Malleshwaram through public art, this time working on walls around conservancy lanes as strategically planned by Sensing Local and Malleswaram Social.

Malleshwaram opened itself to us once we slowed down to its wisdom. Perhaps making us remember that this locality was designed as an aftermath of the last pandemic, the Spanish influenza of the 1920’s. Perhaps Malleshwaram is undoing it’s casteist barriers and welcoming one and all after a difficult pandemic year.’

Yash Bhandari, Creative Lead, Geechugalu

Under the project, 13 artists came together to execute their art in a Graphic Mural Art Trail with their artistic vitality to bring about an essence of sensorial experiences of touch, fragrance, tastes, sounds, sights through art, which a world – in other likelihoods became deprived of in a raging pandemic and lockdowns.

The collective’s courage, tenacity and timely management overturned a period of standstill in the time of a pandemic, with a successful execution of yet another public art project, with the sole incentive to bring about more art, engagement, resonance for onlookers and warm fellowship. 

Published by osheen gupta

Visual Art communicator

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